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The enemy starts a new attack and penetrates in OSTERTIMKE KIRCHTIMKE, which he achieved at 1100 hours. Out, the hot guy really check that mower behind you or is it just a convenient way for him to take her ass for a double. 115 PGR is supported by a company of 33 AntI-Tank is kept Bn as a Divisional reserve in the KICHURSTEDT area. Conveniently located behind the Gold is a local pub with countless nicknames Bar, such as \\\”The Old coast\\\”, \\\”The Troll coast\\\” and \\\”The mold coast\\\”, mainly because of their aging clientele—Vaseline alley is one of those smart cruisy spots, providing a degree of denial of plausibility.

  1. After renewed artillery preparation, the enemy is successful, that a crossing over the OSTE river in the vicinity of the camp’s victims, and to promote the Camp..
  2. A battalion of 104 PGR receives orders to occupy, ELSDORF and keep him under all circumstances, but when it arrives, there you will find the village in the possession of the enemy.
  3. Immediately after we knew about this attack all available units, especially Anti-Tank units, have been reclassified accordingly.
  4. From this moment there is a truce between the 51 HIGHLAND DIVISION and 15 Pz Gr Division stood against each other in honorable fight for almost two years.
  5. He can concentrate all his artillery for the decisive attack and a breakthrough in the direction of the Weser mouth or CUXHAVEN.
  6. 33 Eng Bn mines leads all the roads and passes on the whole Division front, this defensive line.
  7. It is also known that there is a strong enemy tank reserves in WIERSDORF (4 km East of ZEVEN) and in HEESLINGEN (5 km Eas of ZEVEN).

Gr Stimulates NEUMUNSTER, which had come under our command in the line on our right flank.

Interrogation reports from scattered and returned to German soldiers to say, especially that heavily armored units, supported by artillery and Flak are on the move on NEUBRUCHAUSEN in the direction of NIENBURG. 5 ARMOURED BRIGADE to advance, in the thickness from TOSTEDT via ZEVEN, North-West and make contact in the near BREMERVORDE with the rest of the Brigade (only reconnaissance units?), the advance of TOSTEDT about AHLERSTEDT. 20. April New division H. The only units still in the old sector Gr Regt 857, which is under our command, and a Heavy Anti-Tank battery. GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION intentions:- to take 32 ARMOURED BRIGADE red castle from the North-East and South-East.

  • Pressure in the vicinity of Wildeshausen, and is still in the morning, and the enemy succeeds, after a severe battle, in penetration in DOTLINGEN and THRAHE and occupy the intersection in the vicinity of the train stations in DOTLINGEN..
  • 52 division engineers identified by a prisoner of war in the vicinity of DANELSEN.

We learn, by wireless intercept, that 51 HIGHLAND DIVISION is preparing, in the area South of DELMENHORST, to attack and advance of DELMENHORST, near Bremen, on the WESER. – DIPSHORN (South West of ZEVEN). The splitting is performed until a new line of defense BOTERSEN – MULMSHORN – BOCKEL – WEHLSDORF – breeding tendorf – OLDENDORF – wood-ZEVEN – GODENSTEDT. 153 BRIGADE of 51 HIGHLAND DIVISION 5 and 7 of GORDON’s identified area of BARCHEL (8 km West-southwest of BREMERVORDE). The power of a chance encounter during a walk through \\\”bushes\\\” more than likely, if you’re in the mood. Q. KOHBEN and Stimulates LÜBECK is under our command.

Portraitiste - animation de portraitiste - YouTube

60 Heavy anti-aircraft battery, which also is under our tactical command in the BEVERSTEDT – junction GESTENSETH in an anti-tank and artillery role. Although these rearguards are completely on your own, your fight against the morality is still as excellent. We turn to the commander of the BREMERVORDE garrison, and our Pz Eng Bn 33 destruction prepare on both sides of the city. It must be noted that all of the enemy attacks in the last weeks and months, it has succeeded, for the following reasons:- (a) Every single detail of the attack was thoroughly prepared and well-planned especially army and air force cooperation. 25. April New enemy reinforcements arrive in area WILDESHAUSEN. The GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION could have to negotiate the dispatch of the two officers, the handover of the camp as a sign of our weakness. We success in stopping the enemy advance on the General line Britt village – OLDENDORF – BRAUEL with I Bn 115 PGR in during the night. April, The main attack on BREMEN is expected to prepare, after strong artillery. Enemy, To the battle – Canadian divisions West of DELMENHORST 51 HIGHLAND DIVISION South East of DELMENHORST 3 BRITISH DIVISION South of BREMEN 9 ARMOURED DIVISION East of river WESTER, South East of BREMEN, 52 DIVISION ACHIM area 43 DIVISION South of HELLWEGE GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION North and North East of ZEVEN 7 ARMOURED DIVISION South of BUXTEHUDE 58 DIVISION East of BUCHHOLZ. A Dipl. 27. – Ing. It is only due to the excellent work of our own Wi-Fi-axis, we are able to prevent a breakthrough at several points, and build again and again new centers of resistance, to break where the enemy tried our lines. – FARHRENHORST – ippener pre-cultivates peatmosses. Q., 8 CORPS H. It has three troops, each of five-ten 2cm Flak guns in ground role-positions. 15 Pz Gr Div holds during the night and builds new line of defense in depth FORWERK – BULSTEDT – KIRCHTIMKE – OSTEREISTEDT – ROCKSTEDT. The train is cleverly locks in the city to build tanks. During the night of 15 Pz Gr Div withdrawn in the ZEVEN area, without properly facilitated, in the old sector. According to the captured documents, SECOND ARMY H. The rapid advance of the GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION up to the line TOSTEDT – SITTENSEN and the circumferential movement of heavily armored formations in the vicinity of ZEVEN show that the corps EMS is to be fenced, to the East of BREMEN. 30. 17. April enemy enters BREMEN and penetrates into the Northern outskirts of the city. Q. However, this is also the all-important stage, which can be the perfect opening to chat with the hottie in line next to you or exchange furtive glances with the Clark Kent type, the in the glasses across the room, which just happened to have an open space with your name on it, right next to him.. Q., are all on the same day in HOLDENSTEDT (8 km South of UELZEN) and South-West of LÜNEBURG. April, We want to hand over prisoner of war camp in SANDBOSTEL to the enemy, but again officers sent as envoys are retained, as are prisoners of war. The Opposition was very easy and the city was soon came out in our hands – Bn Tac HQ just in time to follow the leading force in the final phase of the attack. (c ) Better training of the men, especially as individual fighters. Today, all the enemy attacks on the whole of the Division front in the strength of a battalion with armoured support, but are already the form of wireless interception, which allows us, against you will be judged by maneuvering with our reserves for known. (b) the Overwhelming amount of material. The axis of this movement is ANKUM – OVACKENBURG – WILDESHAUSEN – HARPSTEDT into area HARPSTEDT – NORTH. 11 ARMOURED DIVISION H

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