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Another good place for excursions to the black forest is located Schonach, the small town famous for having the world’s largest cuckoo clock, which dominates the city center. The castle of Donaueschingen, on the Eastern side of the city, with its magnificent state apartments, full of tapestries and antique furniture, together with a popular festival for contemporary music.

  1. Century, and the town of the baths with thermal water, indoor and outdoor pools and treatment facilities.
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  4. From the platform of the fine 116-meter articulated high tower, built in 1330, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view on the old city.
  5. The best view is from the cannon place on an old bastion, directly overlooking the old town and the Cathedral..
  6. Other highlights of the town include the 13th-century Swabian gate, Amen, with its wall paintings, and Dior; the town hall square with its statue of Berthold Schwarz, a Franciscan monk, said the gunpowder 1359 invented; the Gothic St., But the city is perhaps best known for its spas, including those built in the Kurhaus on terraces on a hillside, the remains of Roman baths from the 2nd.
  7. The building is today the seat of the richly-stocked regional Museum, with its numerous displays of the region from early history, and antiquities, applied arts, folk art and traditions, and an art Nouveau collection.
  9. The 1,284 metre Schauinsland, a mountain with stunning views over the region, is located within the city limits, its numerous small streams, flowing through the streets of the old town.
  10. In addition to the beautiful cloister with fountain-house, and the monks and lay brothers cafeterias.

Here you will find the Pforzheim jewelry Museum (Schmuckmuseum) dedicated to the local jewelry and watch. Founded in 1147, it is the most beautiful of all the preserved German monasteries (so much so that the monastery has been designated a World Heritage Site). Here you will find the Bavarian state art gallery (Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe), with its important collection of paintings. On the return journey you can admire the turbulent thundering Rhine falls is only 23 metres into the river below, with a lot of free time for photos.

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Martin ‘ s Church, with a beautifully restored interior and the cloister; and the beautiful house of the whale (house of the whale), the late-Gothic house, built in the year 1516, it was as a residence for Emperor Maximilian.. As well as its popularity among hikers and bikers, the black forest is Germany’s oldest ski resort. Martin ‘ s Church, one of the best), and Roman ruins, including the remains of a in the 2. In the centre of the city, you will find the spacious Schlossplatz, with its Grand-Ducal Palace, built between 1752 and 1785. University of California, Riverside College of Engineering center for environmental research and technology. Pforzheim is an ideal starting point for excursions in the beautiful valleys of the rivers, and the Northern black forest. Then you cross the border to France to visit the charming Alsatian city of Strasbourg, with its UNESCO-listed old town and the magnificent Cathedral. The most popular with tourists is the stretch along the beautiful 150-kilometre-long black forest railway (schwarzwaldbahn) and Triberg is cases, with the famous water. Century Roman Villa. From here, the road in the Murgtal valley descends, past the imposing Schwarzenbach dam, before continuing, by way of Freudenstadt, the black forest Ridgeway, to Alpirsbach. Also noteworthy is the Black Forest Open-Air Museum in Gutach, with a farmhouse Dating from 1612, together with other historic buildings as a backdrop and interesting exhibits about the history of the region and traditional practices

It is to explore a beautiful city on foot, especially when starting on the Kaiser-Joseph-Straße, which divides the old town into an Eastern half, with the Cathedral, and the Western half of the town hall and the University.. The beautiful castle Park is also worth a visit and is home to what is the source of the Danube, claimed to work in a housing representative of the Baar (upland region between the southern black forest and the Swabian Alb) and the young Danube by its ornate stone carvings. Known for its subtropical vegetation in Badenweiler Kurpark Spa gardens, it is very picturesque and pedestrian-explore-friendly, with many old buildings and ruins, such as the Schlossberg, built in the 11th century. Also on display in this bright, airy museum many of the original stone figures and glass Windows of Freiburg im Breisgau, Münster, carved, plus panel-paintings and medieval sculptures from wood. The middle of the black forest reaches its highest point in Kandel 1,241 meters from the beautiful Simonswald, Elz and Glotter valleys. As soon as you arrive, you can explore the top sights on a guided city tour and learn more about the Spa. Another hill with a great view to the Kaiserstuhl, just North-West of Freiburg in the Breisgau, and rises directly in the Rhine valley. Other highlights of the Museum at the Friedrich square, with its view of the natural history, the old Margravial castle and the beautiful city garden with its Japanese garden, the Vierordt baths, the Tulla-baths and the wildlife Park. Century, with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside

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