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Hautes-Pyrnes Department 65 - Map of France

Hautes-Pyrnes Department 65 - Map of France


  1. In 1937 the race was part of the French sports car series with Jean-Pierre Wimille was dominating, running three to four seconds per lap faster than the rest of the field.
  2. In addition to Pau, it is in Paris, in India ( Bangalore MATS School campus) and has offices in Brazil ( Recife ) and in the United States in Washington.
  3. His Position exceeds the narrow framework of the Academy of Bordeaux, and overlaps somewhat with the Academy of Toulouse.
  4. The Germans and Dutch, attracted by the climate of Pau, and his heir, are more and more numerous.
  5. In the vicinity of the Basque country and the Landes coast (an hour drive), it is possible, of water sports ( surfing, diving, sailing, etc.)..
  6. Recently, the Association of the French championship (1996, 2000) and a semi-final of the Heineken Cup ( in 1998 ) participated in two semi-finals.
  7. Its geographical location not far from the Pyrenees, gives the city a contrasting, warm oceanic climate.

To be a University city, it focuses several industrial centres and important research in the areas of petroleum engineering and Geosciences, petrochemical and chemical, food, automotive, aerospace, and computer science.

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Hautes-Pyrnes Department 65 - Map of France

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  1. After that, the race is on to formula Two regulations, up to 1985, then by his replacement, formula 3000.
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  3. Unsourced material, and are disposed of.
  4. The Amateur world Championships of Basque pelota (Basque sport) should have taken place, as in the year 2006 and were held in the year 2010..
  5. Pau is the third city in Europe, after Stockholm and Milan, developed a very high-speed fiber-optic network.
  6. The Neo-Byzantine style, it is recognizable because of its domes and its bell tower is 50 m (160 ft) high and of reinforced cement.
  7. It offers an 18-hole Golf course and the Victorian-style club house has a restaurant and a bar with a British atmosphere.

The cinema theme nights and events in collaboration with various cultural actors ( Cin ‘it’pace, a summer cinema, etc.) and they organized a festival every year (the International Festival of Film of Pau). Bernadotte was born a French officer, in Pau, and of the general of Napoleon and the king of Sweden was contested under the name Karl XIV. It is an interdisciplinary University (law, economic Sciences, natural Sciences, social Sciences and Humanities), an IUT ( fr ), IAE ( fr ), several schools of engineers, business schools and art schools. Mix of architectural styles, it was modified several times and was renovated in 1996, after half a century of neglect.

Hautes-Pyrnes Department 65 - Map of France

The city has received foreign influences is of great importance (German, English, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian) and remains very open to the outside with a high English student community, together with the presence of the Dutch, the Portuguese, Spaniards and Moroccans. The former use of the building explains, the statue of Thalia, muse of Comedy, the main role on the front, decorated its pediment. The following of these go according to the political interests of the moment, the king of England and the Kingdom of France. GP racing was back in 1938 and Pau is a test track for Mercedes-Benz was before the Grandes Epreuves. The return to its original state began in 1951 with the removal of the roof above the Central road, Pau people back views of the Pyrenees. The image of the city has spread far since then in connection with the of this monarch famous for his willingness to put an end to the seemingly endless wars of Religion. It is home to a casino, but is mainly a Congress centre, a space for events such as seminars and fairs. After a one year pause the race was dominate back in 1935 with Tazio Nuvolari in an Alfa Romeo P3 entered by Scuderia Ferrari. A sober architecture, block, compact glass-and-steel and occupies less than 2,000 square metres (22.000 sq ft), the ground-to-space revolves around a huge interior space with a length of 17 m (56 ft) high atrium, serving 3 floors: of 5,400 square metres (58,000 sq ft), 184,000 documents (including 14,000 CDs and 7,000 DVDs) and 400 titles of periodicals are to be made accessible to all. The area classified, first of all, in the clubs of the southwest in all three weapons, and among the best French clubs.. Pau ‘ s heritage spans several centuries, its diversity and its quality allows it, you get the label city of art and history in 2011. The project for the construction of the Church of Saint-Louis, on the site started in the year 1685, and was revived in 1788, was never successful. In summary, it is an ideal natural location to control the passage and arrivals from the Pyrenees, and a small monitoring station a fortress, surrounded by a simple palisade was built around the year 1000. A 120-seat auditorium, an exhibition hall of 198 square metres (2,130 sq ft), the news-room, or Interlude room was also built in the structure. The Northern end of the plateau, which are formed to a point overlooking the ford of nearly 80 m (260 ft)

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